Tru-Fire Releases and Broadheads for Bow Hunting
tru-fire releases and broadheads

All Patented X-Caliper heads shown offer features only found with Tru-Fire technology. These are the finest non-Tru-Rotating calipers on the market. Starting with our heat-treated and coated trigger and jaws for years of dependability.

We regret to inform you that the X-Caliper line no longer has the relax to fire feature.

The whole X-Caliper line (except for Patriots) has been redesigned for easier use on string loops. The jaws are now shorter in length and thinner in width. We have also redesigned the trigger mechanism. This change to the trigger has made all of the X-Calipers 80% more sensitive than years past. The X-Caliper only takes 4 ounces of pressure to fire a 70 pound bow.

100% American made.

Check out our new buckle on our X-Caliper head.
• Release Trigger Instructions

EC-EX X-Caliper Extreme release X-Caliper Extreme
  • Power Strap made from cotton Camouflage, much easier to put on than any V-style strap
  • Fits both left and right hands

PT Patriot PT Patriot
  • Padded black nylon Power Strap, much easier to put on then any V-style strap
  • Fits both left and right hands
  • Does not include two-way trigger

Patriot Buckle release Patriot Buckle
  • Same great features as the standard Patriot
  • Black nylon Evolution Buckle strap
  • Adjustable for length