Tru-Fire Releases and Broadheads for Bow Hunting
tru-fire releases and broadheads

Tru-Fire Release Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty:  All Tru-Fire releases (the mechanical part of the release) are guaranteed against mechanical defects and / or failure for the life of the product.  Tru-Fire release straps have a one year limited warranty.  Do not take a defective product to your dealer but instead ship directly to Tru-Fire.  Any failure to follow this procedure may void this warranty.  If you are sending in a release due to mechanical issues, the original receipt is not needed.  If you are sending in a strap for a defective issue, the original receipt is required.  Please include a note which explains the problem that is occurring. 

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies to models that are in our existing line-up.  Any discontinued models will be repaired if parts are available.  If parts are no longer available we will not be able to repair the release nor will it be replaced.