Hardcore’s were designed to be the ultimate hook (single jaw) release with more features than any other. For starters, the HARDCORE has a self centering knuckle located behind the main body which eliminates side to side torque which is a major design flaw with other hook style releases. The body will actually pivot left or right for a total of 20 degrees to compensate for varying anchor point positions. Once attached to a bow, the loop or serving will line up straight with the centerline of the release which allows for a perfect shot every time. The solid steel jaw automatically closes when you depress the trigger and when set with minimal travel, trigger pressure is a mere 4 ounces. There will be two trigger design options available. Swept back trigger is standard and a forward trigger as an option on two models. The HARDCORE will come standard on our Evolution Buckle, Hybrid, and Evolution Buckle Web system. This release is the ultimate for hardcore hunters as well as serious tournament archers. As always, proudly made in the USA.

Hardcore MAX – We have added two great features to the new MAX.  For starters, the MAX will have a separate screw that will adjust trigger pressure (separate from trigger travel) from 3 ounces to well over 16 ounces by just a couple turns of the screw.  This feature will be useful when wearing gloves during late season you can now increase the pressure on the trigger for a solid feel. Target shooters can also now increase the trigger pressure for more of a “back tension” feel. 

The MAX also has the new Evolution II buckle which has 2.5x more padding and is slightly wider with rolled edges creating the most comfortable strap on the market. 

MAX Black has red accents on the strap as well as the head of the release and the camo MAX has an actual Realtree pattern applied to the head for a super realistic look. 

2013 new Hardcore 4 Finger – utilizing Hardcore technology, we have taken the hand held market to the next level with adjustability and features.  The Hardcore 4 Finger models have a 3 position trigger pressure adjustability located on the handle.  Simply by moving the set screw from one hole to another changes trigger pressure ranging from, 6oz, 24oz to 50oz.  Another new feature is our string loop retainer mounted right to the handle. Now you can leave your open hook hand held mounted to your string loop without worrying that it will fall off.  When the hunting season is over simply remove the retainer from the release.  Also included is an adjustable lanyard and is available in a carbon finish or camo.

100% American made.

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