Frequently Asked Questions

Tru-Fire Release Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my archery release have true 360 degree rotation?

A. If both the jaws and trigger of your archery release is housed in one component or body, then your release is not a "tru rotater". For a release to have tru torque free rotation, the head of the release (where the jaws are located) and the body of the release (where the trigger is located) must be two separate components. To be truly torque free, the head of your archery release where the jaws are housed should be able to rotate independently of the body. Take a look at our Classic Caliper line to see the only tru-rotating wrist models on the market.

Q. Do I need a tru-rotating release if I shoot off of a string loop?

A. No you do not. While at full draw, if you torque your wrist either left or right slightly, your string loop will take up the torque transmitting only a small amount of torque to your bowstring.

Q. My bowhunting release seems to have a lot of travel, can I adjust this out.

A. Yes. All of our bowhunting releases are adjustable for trigger travel. On the majority of our releases, this adjustment can be found on the trigger via a set screw. If you cannot locate a set screw on the trigger, please e-mail us with your model and we will get your instructions mailed to you.