Exclusive Features/Benefits

Why We’re Number 1

Here a just a few reasons why more archers across the world use Tru-Fire releases than any other release.


clamp-open.gifWhen Tru-Fire designs a new product, we want to make certain it gives you, the consumer, years of trouble-free use and dependability. One of the first issues we address is using the same material on the internal firing mechanism. This is important because when different metals with different hardnesses are combined in a firing mechanism, premature wear can and often times will occur. Be careful, other release companies firing mechanisms are made from different metals altogether. Tru-Fire, on the other hand, designs firing mechanisms to utilize the same metal and hardness on all of our release firing components.

Take the example to the right, which is a current Hurricane design. The jaws, represented by the yellow color, are made of the same metal as the roller, colored red. Both the jaws and roller are then heat treated at the same Rockwell hardness so you can rely on years of extreme use without failures.


The truth about 360 degree rotation: Many release companies say they have 360 degree rotation. What these companies are not telling you is the rotation is between the body of the release and the strap, which is virtually useless. At full draw with a release that rotates between the body and strap, if you rotate your wrist, you will not be able to reach your trigger because the trigger is still parallel to the ground. Our patented 360 line of releases has a head and body that are independent of each other. This means you get full rotation in front of the body, not behind. Look for yourself, if your release has jaws and a trigger located in the same body or component, then your release is not a Tru-Rotater.

For a release to have Tru torque free rotation, the head of the release (where the jaws are located) and the body of the release (where the trigger is located) must be two separate components. To be truly torque free, the head of your release where the jaws are housed should be able to rotate independently of the body. Take a look at our 360 line of releases to see the only Tru-rotating wrist models on the market. Note: Tru-Rotation is an extremely important feature when your release is directly attached to your bow's serving.

 LENGTH ADJUSTMENT -- without tools!

2releases.jpgIf you want the finest, most precise length adjustment system in the industry - you've found it. Our system is able to adjust the length between the trigger and the strap by over 1". Within that inch there are 32 different length positions you can set. All this is done without the use of a tool. Just turn the head of the release or the black barrel behind the head and you are set. It's that simple. Length adjustment is important for proper index finger placement on your trigger. If your release is to long and you are reaching for the trigger, target panic can set in. Another situation is if you put a glove on under your release. Because of the thickness of the glove the trigger will now be to close to the strap. With our system, just turn the head and your adjustment is made.




Our Evolution buckle strap proves once again why we are the leaders of the release industry. Innovation, quality, craftsmanship all rolled up into one!

What are the two most common complaints with the buckle straps on the market today?

1. Difficult to put on.

Nobody wants to fumble around in the dark, trying to get their strap on while 20 feet up in their tree.

But you won't want to have it the relaxed state, you want it in the ready state. Ready to go onto your wrist in a second.

In the relaxed state, our strap looks similar to others on the market except for our patent pending "arrow head".

In the relaxed state, our strap looks similar to others on the market except for our patent pending

But you won't want to have it the relaxed state, you want it in the ready state. Ready to go onto your wrist in a second.


With our new design you will never have to fumble to get the end of your strap through the buckle because it already is through the buckle via our "arrow head". There is no need to ever have to pull the arrow head out of the buckle. It works great with or without gloves.

2. Tons of stretch in the strap while drawing your bow.

Buckle straps are supposed to promote exact strap location on your wrist every time. What good is a buckle strap that stretches while you shoot it.


No pressure applied to the strap.
Holes are circular.


Pressure applied to the strap.
Notice the holes being elongated, this means your strap is stretching. This makes it difficult for an exact anchor point location.


Unlike other buckle straps on the market, we go the extra mile by having a piece of ballistic material layered between the leather portion of the strap and the padded material. This material keeps any stretching while drawing your bow, near zero.

Our strap attachment also allows the head to pivot left and right and also fall away.

Buckle Foldback

How many times have you had your release hit your ladder stand as you climb up it early in the morning?

While your rattling, aren’t you tired of your release flopping all over?

Time and time again, your release seems to get in the way at the wrong time -- not anymore!!!  Our new Buckle Foldback system is simple yet it gets the job done.  It takes just 1 lb. of pressure to put the release in the stowed position and only 1 lb. of pressure to get it back to the shooting position.


Quiet, quick, and simple.




release-tester.jpgWhen we say that our releases can handle excessive amounts of weight and years of use, we can actually prove it! With our exclusively designed release tester, we can automatically load onto the release, rotate the head (if applicable), apply pressure and fire the trigger in mere seconds, via pneumatics. During the development of a new release, we test the new model at a staggering 200 pounds for 20,000 continuous cycles. By testing our products at this extreme level of weight and cycles, we are insured that you the consumer will have a release that will not fail you.

Our quality is what we live by!