360 Releases

Both the 360 Elite and the regular 360 are dual caliper releases that incorporate 360 degree head rotation that is in front of the trigger. This allows you to rotate your hand and the trigger will always follow your index finger. Both models also have a set screw located on the head that gives you the option of locking the head in any location. The 360 Elites have a dial located inside the body that when adjusted will change the trigger pressure sensitivity (not trigger travel). The range of sensitivity is 4 to 26 ounces of pressure just by turning the dial. We positioned the dial inside the body but you are still able to adjust it with your fingers. (have a pic of the body blown up so you can see the dial clearly). All 360’s have trigger travel adjustment, length adjustment between the strap and head of over 1” and are 100% American Made.

• Release Trigger Instructions

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